1.Erebus-By Boldstep

2.Yatagarasu-By TrusTa

3.Sonic wave-By ItzSunix

4.Stalemate Redux By teqtaqtiq(I dont remember the name xd)

5.Digital Descent-By Viprin

6.Artificial Ascent-By Viprin

7.Cadrega City By Pennutoh

8.Zaphkiel-By DarwinGD

9.Devil Vortex-By Rustam

10.Bausha Vortex-By Pennutoh & Acharne(V)

11.Mystic-By EndLevel & More

12.Step to Hell-By Lazye,Boldstep(V) & More

13.Sakupen Hell By Noobas And Trusta

14.Glowy By RobBuck and Boldstep(V)

15.Subsonic By Viprin

16.Black Blizzard By Krazyman50

17.The Hell World By Stormfly

18.Bloodbath By Riot

19.Phobos By Krazyman50

20.Hatred By Azuler & SrGuillester

21.Athanatos By Exenity

22.Blade Of Justice By Manix648

23.Aurora By TheKris

24.Carnage Mode By Findexi

25.Infernal Abyss By YGYoshi

26.Conical Depression By Krazyman50

27.Betrayal of fate By WeoWeoTeo

28.The Hell Zone By Stormfly

29.A Bizarre fantasm By TeamN2

30.Artificial Ideology By TeamN2

31.Audio Extraction By GoodSmile

32.AfterMath By Exenity & Satcho(V)

33.Plasma Pulse III By xSmokes & Giron David

34.DoomsDay By ElectricBass

35.Twisted Tranquility By Flukester

36.Novalis By Gryllex

37.Breakout by Surv

38.The Hell Dignity By Stormfly

39.Niflheim By Vismuth

40.The Flawless By lllRyanlll

41.Red World Rebirth By Riot

42.The Hell Factory By TeamN2

43.Subversive By Lots of pple

44.Elite Z Rebirth By Krazyman50

45.Allegiance By Nikroplays

46.Uprise By Ninetales

47.Deception Dive By Lots Of PPle

48.Cataclysm By GgbOy

49.Heartbeat By Krazyman50

50.Ice Carbon Diablo X By RoadBose